Runny Nose Treatment At Home And How To Stop it?

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Runny Nose Treatment

A person is exposed to a lot of respiratory problems, especially nose-related, and one of the most common problems is a runny nose, what is meant by it, what are the causes that lead to it, and what are the symptoms that indicate a runny nose, and how can a Runny Nose Treatment

runny nose treatment

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Runny nose is known as excessive secretion of mucus visible from the nose, which when multiplied, leads to the transmission of this mucus to the throat, thereby causing one or both of them to develop inflammation.

What Are The Causes Of a Runny Nose?

  • Infection caused by a specific virus, such as the flu or cold.
  • Infection with one of the nose infections, such as sinus or bacterial sinuses.
  • Allergic rhinitis as a result of exposure to dust or pollen.
  • Take certain types of medications or drugs such as diuretics or birth control pills.
  • Sudden changes in weather, especially during the winter season.
  • Smoking or exposure to inhalation of fumes from perfumes or chemicals.

Symptoms Accompanying a Runny Nose:

  • The patient feels that his mucus is dripping towards the throat.
  • Inflammation of the throat or pharynx.
  • Severe headache or itching due to an allergy.
  • Blockage of the nasal passages.
  • In addition to strong coughing and bad breath of the mouth.

Runny Nose Treatment:

Treating a runny nose with natural treatments or prescriptions, which are as follows:

Mustard oil to treat a runny nose:
Because it contains many antibiotics for many viruses, such as histamine, it is used as an effective treatment for runny nose.
Bring some mustard oil and warm it up a little.
Put a few drops of oil inside the nostrils.
Wipe the nose well, and repeat this recipe two to three times daily.

Ginger to treat a runny nose:
Ginger is also an effective remedy for runny nose, particularly caused by a common cold or influenza virus.
Cut the fresh ginger into a set of pieces.
Put some salt on these pieces.
Chew pieces mixed with salt more than once per day.

Garlic to treat a runny nose:
Because it contains many antibacterial and antibacterial substances, it is widely used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Bring four cloves of garlic and boil in a quantity of water, until soup forms.
Add the resulting soup as much sugar or salt as you like.
Eat soup twice a day.

Camphor oil for Runny Nose Treatment:
It helps relieve gonorrhea, especially if it is taken in the first days.
Bring some water and add a few drops of camphor oil.
Add a little mint oil and lavender oil as well and mix them well.
Cover the bowl and head with a towel, and inhale the resulting steam.
Repeat this recipe four times daily.

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